The Suzuki Alto  looks cheeky and fun without descending too far into cartoonishness. Styled in Japan but its designers researched the look in Paris and Milan. It has an open, talkative-looking mouth below a pair of big eyes containing round headlights with indicators above. A rising waistline flows into a high chopped-off tail, and strongly swaged wheelarches frame wheels  of a 14in diameter.

As is the whole car; at 3500mm long it’s a hefty half a metre shorter than a typical modern supermini, and it’s usefully narrow for optimum urban threadability. Even better is its weight, which at 890kg (as tested) is the sort of minimal mass that every small car should have.

Here is a car which proves you don’t need power and prestige to have a good time The Alto also does some of the sensible supermini things rather well – there’s okay space for five people inside, and the cabin design is as funky as the exterior looks.
the Alto’s straightforward nature means that its driver quickly bonds with it, making a journey a lot more fun than it would be in many an insulated, oversize executive car, as well as considerably cheaper.


  • ENGINE SIZE: 0.8 L 
  • KW//rmp: 35/6,000
  • WD: 2WD
  • AT/MT: 5MT
  • SEAT: 5
  • L(mn): 3,430
  • w(mn): 1,490
  • H(mn): 1,475
  • FUEL CONSUMPTION: 24.7km/I(*)
One amazing small car.