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The warranty is limited to a "freedom from defects on delivery that is commensurate with the state of the art for comparable vehicles of the same model as the purchased article".
This means, for example, that no claim under warranty can be leveled for unavoidable manufacturing tolerances, as such must be conceded to a series manufacturing process, as well as for circumstances that are inherent in the design and that do not in any way impair the operating properties of the vehicle.
The following should be noted:
The warranty obligation does not expire if changes of title or ownership occur within the vehicle warranty.
Performance of work covered by warranty does not extend the period of the vehicle warranty. The same applies for warranty work that is necessary in connection with replacement part warranties and vehicle repairs. 
The implied warranty for genuine parts are new and reconditioned assemblies that are installed free of charge under the implied vehicle warranty, it therefore expires at the same time as the vehicle warranty.
The warranty given shall be strictly limited to the replacement of parts, which are recognized to be faulty, or repair of such parts when possible. The replacement and/or repairs in this case, will be done free of charge.
The Warranty period of the various products is as follows:
Passenger Cars: 24 months from date of first registration without mileage limitation.
Trucks: 12 months from date of first registration without mileage limitation (the warranty period on the Powertrain is 36 months or 250,000 km from the date of first registration, whichever comes first).
Vans: 24 months or 200,000 km from date of first registration, whichever comes first.
Buses: 12 months or 50,000 km from date of first registration 
Spare Parts: 12 months 
Suzuki Cars: 36 months from date of first registration or 100,000km, whichever comes first.
Energizer Automotive Batteries: 12 months from the date of purchase.