Service Contract

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Why worry about maintenance costs or the most common wear parts.
We offer you very attractive terms tailored to your requirements; you determine the length of the agreement and what it should include. 
We give you the chance to define your own service contract and your vehicle will always be properly maintained and cared for.
This is a great opportunity since optimal maintenance ensures your vehicle will retain its value for years to come so that you can achieve a higher resale value or simply reap the benefits yourself. Whatever you decide to do, make sure your car is taken care of effectively right from the start, to keep on enjoying your vehicle.
Our offer includes fixed periodic installments that cover everything from genuine Parts needed for maintenance and defined wear and tear repairs through to installation, including the costs of labor with no extra costs. Our cherished customers stand to benefit form the following:
No additional maintenance costs: a fixed monthly installment covers all maintenance for your vehicle, including the most common wear and tear parts, throughout the duration of the contract.
Optimal vehicle safety: benefit from the quality and safety of Genuine Parts and Service for all maintenance work.
Value retention due to regular maintenance: by being well maintained with a full service history, helps it retain its value.     
With a service contract you benefit from quality –the services of qualified workshop professionals and the use of genuine Parts.