Organizational Structure

Silver Star Auto has four main units: Sales [Passenger Car & Commercial Vehicles (trucks, buses & transporters)], After-Sales (reception/service advisory, Passenger Cars Workshop, Commercial Vehicles Workshop, Bodyworks/spraying), Human Resource and Administration and Accounts.
The Board of Directors are; 
Jalal Kalmoni (Executive Chairman),
Nouhad Kalmoni (Director),
Salem Kalmoni (Director)
Salah Kalmoni (Director).
Currently the company is under the management team of the following:
Mr. Nouhad Kalmoni (Chief Executive Officer) 
Mr. Francis Amegayibor (General Manager, Passenger Car Sales)
Mr Mustapha Kalmoni (Assistant to CEO, Commercial Vehicle Sales)
Mr. Ahmed Farouk (General Manager, After Sales )
Mr. Kofi Adumatta Berko (Human Resources and Administrative Manager)
Mr. Mohammed Masah (Chief Accountant) 
Mr. Rabie Agha (Sales Manager, Passenger Cars MB)
Mr. Kweku Sintim Boamah (Sales Manager Suzuki)
Mr. Abdul Rahman Agha (Spare Parts Manager)
Mr. Isaac Arku Korsah (Acting Branch Manager)